New Children’s Books

Below is a list of all children’s books added to the OVLC catalog over the last 7 days. The books listed are new additions to the catalog and are not necessarily brand-new items. (Some items may not have cover images.)

Magby, Meryl.

Stewart, Melissa.

Cooper, Michael L.

Turner, Tracey

Sloat, Teri.

Moore, Elizabeth

Kimmelman, Leslie.

Magby, Meryl.

Deneux, Xavier.

Roop, Connie.

West, Tracey.

Austin, Richard

Magby, Meryl.

Magby, Meryl.

Magby, Meryl.

Adler, David A.

Magby, Meryl.

Riley, Joelle.

Brooks, Riley

Kalman, Bobbie.

Tieck, Sarah

Kalman, Bobbie.

Gregory, Helen

Cobb, Vicki.

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